Pi Touch Display Kit

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The Pi Touch Display Kit comes pre-assembled and tested with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and a Strato Pi board (Mini, Base or UPS) or a Iono Pi board

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with Strato Pi Mini board:

  • 12-28Vdc power supply, with surge and reverse polarity protection
  • power supply on a screw terminal block
  • on-board power supply LED indicator
  • real time clock with replaceable CR1025 Lithium / Manganese Dioxide back-up battery

with Strato Pi Base board:

  • all features of Strato Pi Mini board
  • standard RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces to the Raspberry Pi serial line, with opto-isolator and electrostatic discharge protection
  • on-board LEDs for serial line activity
  • serial connections on a screw terminal block
  • hardware watchdog implemented in the Strato Pi board, fully independent from the Raspberry Pi, controlled via GPIO
  • on-board buzzer, connected to an I/O pin of the Raspberry Pi board, for acoustic feedback

with Strato Pi UPS board:

  • all features of Strato Pi Base board
  • integrated uninterruptible power supply, with external lead-acid 12V battery
  • simple UPS status and control via the I/O pins of the Raspberry Pi board
  • on-board LED for battery operations status.

with Iono Pi board:

  • all features of Strato Pi Mini board
  • 4 power relay outputs rated for 6A at 250V
  • 2 analog voltage inputs 0÷30V
  • 2 analog voltage inputs 0÷3V on internal pin-headers
  • 7 configurable digital input/output pins
  • 1-Wire and Wiegand support
  • GPIO-controlled on-board LED