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A general-purpose professional input/output module based on Arduino

Iono Arduino industrial PLC

Iono is a work-suit for Arduino, it turns it into a PLC that combines the ease of use of the Arduino platform and the vast amount of software available for it with robust input and output electronic interfaces.

  • Power Supply
  • Relays
  • Analog I/Os
  • Digital Inputs
  • RS-485
  • DIN-Rail Case
  • CE/RoHS Compliant


iono arduino ethernet

includes Arduino Ethernet Rev 3


iono arduino uno

includes Arduino Uno Rev 3 SMD


iono arduino solo

add your own board (compatible with Arduino 1.0 form factor and both 5.0V and 3.3V operating voltages)


A certified, Arduino-based, industrial PLC

Iono can be employed both in industrial and residential environments, for professional applications where extreme reliability, ruggedness and compliance with technical and safety directives are required.

It is compliant with the 2014/35/UE (Low Voltage) and 2014/30/UE (EMC) CE directives, and the harmonised standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EN61000-6-2:2005), electrical safety (EN60664-1:2007), emission (EN61000-6-3:2007) as well as the RoHS directive for hazardous substances (2011/65/UE).



Iono can be used in several ways:

As an armored Arduino

You can do anything you are able to do with an Arduino, in the same exact way, programming it with the standard Arduino IDE. You just have a more robust hardware that will help you transition from your prototipe to your final professional project.

As an Ethernet I/O module

Out of the box, Iono Ethernet includes a Web application and it is ready to be used as a simple Ethernet I/O module that you can control and configure through a nice Web interface and/or with a simple HTTP API.

As a Modbus module

Are you more at ease with Modbus devices? No problem, just upload the Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU sketches available from the libraries examples (Iono Uno ships with the Modbus RTU Slave sketch pre-installed) and your Iono turns into a standard Modbus module, configurable with a simple serial interface.

Of course, you can always modify the provided Web and Modbus sketches and add your custom logic!




Connection example


Quick Start

Iono Ethernet ships with our WebApp sketch pre-installed and the following network configuration:


  • Power up iono
  • Check that the LD1 power LED, next to the power supply terminals, is on
  • Connect iono to your network and, using any modern Web browser from a device within the same network, go to
  • Click the settings icon and enter your preferred network parameters and password, then press save
  • You should now be able to access iono again using the newly assigned address


Iono Uno ships with the Modbus RTU Slave sketch pre-installed. This sketch implements a fully functional standard Modbus RTU slave to monitor and control all I/O lines of the Iono Uno module

  • Power up iono
  • Check that the LD1 power LED, next to the power supply terminals, is on
  • Configure the Modbus parameters and use it as described here

Iono Solo doesn’t ship with a pre-installed sketch, for the simple reason that there is no Arduino module installed!

Still, before installing your own Arduino board, you should check that it powers-up normally.

  • Power up iono
  • Check that the LD1 power LED, next to the power supply terminals, is on
  • Remove the power supply
  • Gently remove the side cover on the outputs side
  • Install your Arduino board
  • Reconnect the power supply and check that LD1 goes back on


On our GitHub repository you will find many open source resources and examples to use with your Iono. Remember, since Iono is just a super-sized I/O shield for a standard Arduino, you don’t need any specific library to work on it; our libraries and examples will just provide you with some handy utilities to speed up your development, including functionalities to monitor the inputs (filtering out possible noise) and control the outputs, Web APIs, Modbus support and much more.