Edge-computing Environmental Sensors

Exo products

Multi-sensor modules with a powerful, programmable computing core and a wide range of connectivity options.

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Air Quality
  • Ambient Light
  • Atmospheric Pressure

  • Environmental Noise
  • Motion Detection

  • Earthquake Detection

Ready for residential and commercial installations, Exo Sense can be employed for environmental monitoring and data gathering, BLE positioning, indoor tracking, rooms management and access control, alarm reporting, signalling and much more.

Powered by Pycom
Powered by Pycom

Dual-core 32-bit Espressif ESP32 chipset

New core platform coming soon!

Make your choice:

  • Exo Sense Py

    142.00325.00 + tax
    Exo Sense Py is an indoor environmental sensor with the computing power of the Pycom platform – a MicroPython enabled processor with a wide range of wireless connectivity options: WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M and NB-IoT

You can customize Exo Sense from branding to hardware features

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