Make your own platform

We can provide you with the perfect fit for your solution. From re-branding to hardware, software and firmware development we are here to assist you.

  • Rebrand our products, all our modules can be white labelled
  • Chose a different mounting or enclosure solution for our units
  • Add, remove or combine features from our standard configurations
  • Have your software/firmware factory-installed and tested before delivery
  • Design and  bring to production your fully customized OEM product based on open platforms

We specialize in industrial and residential solutions based on open, widespread, community-supported platforms, like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Pycom.

Adopting open platforms for your custom product will allow you to focus on the development of your core business logic by leveraging on the widely available resources and documentation and providing your development team with a well known, stable, and supported platform.

We’ll work together with you to select the best hardware, firmware, and software components for your solution. We’ll take care of the required compliances and certifications. We’ll deliver to you the best fit for your requirements, ready for the market.

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For custom branding only, please fill a quote request and check the "Custom packaging/case branding" option.

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