The new Iono RP D16: high-performance digital I/O and a Raspberry Pi RP2040 core

Sfera labs has extended its family of open industrial automation technologies based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller with the launch of a compact and [...]

2022-06-15T12:04:32+02:00June 15th, 2022|Blog, Iono, Press Release, Raspberry Pi|

The new Exo Sense RP: Raspberry Pi RP2040-powered multi-sensor module

Sfera Labs has extended its widely-deployed family of Exo Sense Raspberry Pi-based technologies with the launch of Exo Sense RP, a small form factor, low-power edge-computing multi-sensor module [...]

2022-05-17T19:11:20+02:00May 17th, 2022|Blog, Exo, Raspberry Pi|

Dual SD Card Data Storage Strategy to Boost Reliability in Raspberry Pi Based Industrial Systems @ Embedded Computing Design

The Strato Pi CM Duo and the Iono Pi Max from Sfera Labs both feature a Raspberry Pi Compute Module and “thanks to the high-speed [...]

2022-04-15T10:25:06+02:00April 15th, 2022|Blog, Iono, Raspberry Pi, Strato|

Flowfinity introduces the M1 Controller, developed in collaboration with Sfera Labs

Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a leading no-code platform for business process automation, released the Flowfinity M1, an IoT Controller pre-configured to integrate seamlessly with Flowfinity Actions [...]

2022-02-16T09:46:21+01:00February 16th, 2022|Blog, Custom, Projects|

The new Iono RP: the first industrial I/O module based on Raspberry Pi’s RP2040

Just a few months after the initial release of the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller, we are  proud to introduce to you the first industrial product based on this [...]

2021-10-04T16:48:27+02:00October 5th, 2021|Blog, Iono, Raspberry Pi|

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